Tribute To The Righteous BrothersBobby, Doug, Gene, & Bill
     Bobby, Doug, Gene, & Bill
  Bobby Hatfield    Doug Masters    Gene Sironen    Bill Medley

After two years of searching around the country for a Bobby Hatfield impersonator, Gene Sironen (as Bill Medley) found the perfect duplicate right in his own back yard. Doug Masters was playing down the street at a local Las Vegas casino.  After hearing Masters' inspiring version of "Unchained Melody", Sironen was convinced that Masters was the man for the job.  Finding that they possessed the same 'Righteous Brothers magic' when singing together, they auditioned for Legends In Concert, the king of impersonator shows.  Upon hearing and seeing the duo, producer John Stuart's comment was "flawless!".    
Sironen and Masters were immediately put into the Las Vegas version of Legends In Concert at The Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino, and have enjoyed standing ovations and rave reviews from media as well as old-time Righteous Brothers fans:

Well known comic Pete Barbutti said, "These guys are better than the real thing."

Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield themselves have seen the show and were impressed.  Bill commented "These guys are so good, it's spooky.  It's like looking at an old high school yearbook.  It's both tremendously flattering and somewhat strange to see someone portray you on stage."

Sironen, a native of Grand Rapids, MI, has been performing since the early age of 11 and has led a truly eclectic entertainment career.  Sironen is a skilled composer, arranger and musician, playing such varied instruments as the trombone, trumpet, flute, and keyboards.  In addition to writing and arranging his own original songs, Sironen and his wife Heidi Thompson (who also impersonates Cher), have a successful business creating jingles, songs and compositions for advertising and promotional purposes.  Sironen's natural singing style has always been likened to Bill Medley and Michael Bolton … husky, deep throated and powerful, with the kind of soul that would do Lou Rawls proud.

Masters has also led a rich and varied career as an entertainer.  With his 4-1/2 octave range, Masters' services as a vocalist have been well in demand in Las Vegas over the years.  His vocal mastery is impressive on its own.  When he takes on the stylings of Hatfield, he soars. In fact, Masters hits one of the highest planes of the show, eliciting goosebumps, with his impressive recreation of "Unchained Melody".  In addition to being an accomplished vocalist, Masters is also a guitarist of impressive credentials.  He has backed such entertainers as Glen Campbell, Al Martino, Jerry Lee Lewis, and ironically, Bill Medley.

Individually, Sironen and Masters are dynamite.  Together, they are positively explosive.  Indeed, if you are a Righteous Brothers fan, or just remember romancing to songs like "Unchained Melody", "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" and "Soul And Inspiration", you'll love Gene Sironen as Bill Medley and Doug Masters as Bobby Hatfield … The Righteous Brothers.

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